Welcome to London Zef!

LondonZef logo.fwFor those that might not get the name, here’s what Wikipedia says about “Zef”:

The word zef is an Afrikaans slang word, which roughly translates to the English word common. Jack Parow, in an interview, describes the movement as “kind of like posh, but the opposite of posh.” It differs from the Australian term bogan, and the British term chav in that it is mostly a positive term for oneself, rather than a derogatory term for someone else.”

Nothing too clever about this name. I’m not South African but was listening to Die Antwoord (South African band) when my mate forced me to start a blog and come up with a name (and unsurprisingly, I live in London). It all seemed kind of fitting, so stuck with it.

Now, about the blog:

Yes, this is another food blog. Without sounding too pretentious, good food is one of the greatest joys of life.  Considering that this statement is almost universal no matter what tastes need to be catered for, is it any wonder why yet another person (i.e. me) wants to throw their new and exciting finds in the mix? I love the Michelin starred restaurant scene as much as the next person, but also love a sausage and egg McMuffin meal (with an extra hash brown and a coke; better make that a diet coke please?). Granted, some food is considered good nourishment for body and mind, however, a lot of what we like is terrible for that but great for those “ah, that’s just what I needed” moments.

Good (this is such a pissy word! Third time I’ve used it) food comes in many guises. I hope to get the word out there for the places that tick my boxes and give warnings for the places that don’t.

I can be a little slow at times so complicated rating systems confuse me. I’ll try to stick to a supposedly simple 1 to 5 scale (by the way, this is an overall rating, I just like to relate everything back to food):

  1. “Soylent green is made out of people!?!” Not my thing.
  2. Remember that gloopey shit they were eating in the Matrix; passable as food, but a little wrong.
  3. Yep, happy to recommend but…
  4. Have it!
  5. I’ve just had a foodgasm!!! Life is complete!

With regards to my reviews, they are all my own, written without prejudice and based totally on my experiences; I can’t taste everything on the menu, and some places might have an uncustomary vibe at the time of my visit.  As taste is completely subjective, I would like to apologise now if I don’t get what some places are trying to do by lacking the palate, refinement or requisite trendy credentials to fully appreciate the true exquisiteness of it all. Either way, I love constructive feedback and new ideas of where to go, so please feel free to tell me your thoughts.

Hope you enjoy my suggestions.


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