Holy Cow – Indian (Take-away) | London NW6

Holy Cow Logo

Copyright of Holy Cow. Sourced from www.holycowonline.com

Cuisine: Indian
Price: Cheap/Moderate (meal costs approx. £13/person)
Rating: 4 (out of 5)

When you just can’t be bothered to cook, and the whole rigmarole of going out to eat is just too much effort, the humble take-away is very much welcome. Finding a decent one is always so vexing. I’ve tried “Just-Eat” and “Hungry House” but have found most of the ratings are way too generous (I suspect that a lot of the reviews are bullshit written by either friends, family or complete tools who have no concept of what good food is). The price may be higher than average for a take-away, but the quality of a Holy Cow meal has never disappointed.

With seven locations dotted around London (I’ve ordered from three of them), Holy Cow is one of the best (if not the best) Indian take-aways (that’s not also a sit down restaurant) I’ve had. The menu has a good selection and all dishes are cooked well. Whether or not the food is freshly prepared, the dishes certainly taste as if they are. Orders arrive in sealed containers (saucy dishes) filled to the brim, however some could argue that the portion sizes are a little stingy. The quality certainly makes up for this (a case of quality over quantity) where the feeling of satisfaction is assured.

Open only for dinner, you can peruse their menu on-line (but annoyingly you can’t order from there).

Unfortunately, this is another post where I’ve taken some dodgy photos (shit, I don’t think anything is in focus! Apologies again). I really need to stop drinking while using the camera!

Holy-Cow-5Saag ghost (lamb with spinach) was just too delicious to postpone eating by taking a picture! The lamb chunks were super soft and tender (and so uniform in size and shape, it’s like chef was playing tetris with my food) surrounded in a thick aromatic gravy. The spinach was kept whole giving the dish a more interesting texture than just mush.
Holy-Cow-3Front to back: mint yoghurt, bhindi bhaji (okra and more okra), modi squid (the batter stayed nice and crispy, while the squid was still soft) and pilau rice.
Holy-Cow-2Chilli lamb (number 25) definitely had a zing to it but was surprisingly mild despite its name (I think chef played tetris with this too). As the chilli wasn’t overpowering, the other spices could be discerned on the palette. Plain naan at the back.
Holy-Cow-1The order was delivered for free (orders over £10) and came with complimentary popadoms and chutney (the beer comes from the local offie…love eating at home).

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