Yami – Korean | New Malden KT3

Yami-frontCuisine: Korean

Price: Cheap (approx. £10/person on lunch menu)

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

Korean food in the UK appears to be growing in popularity, with the very suburban New Malden (affectionately known as Koreatown) being the place to go. For those who aren’t well versed in Korean cuisine, be prepared for some of the best barbecues and spicy everything you’re going to try from any other Asian nation.

Yami was introduced to me by my Korean friends as their favourite place to go for great value for money, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and quite importantly the authentic taste of home. Booyah! Yep, totally agree!

The menu is expansive (sometimes I hate having too many options, but in this case I love the choices available) which also includes a lunch menu. The temptation to be a complete gluttonous pig and order all of the pictures in the menu is always an issue with me. It’s difficult to resist, but one must take the portion sizes here in to consideration (slightly over-ordering isn’t too bad if you’re wearing something stretchy).

I didn’t go for any barbecue this time, but if you do, it’ll be done at your own pit located in your table (so wear clothes you can stick in the wash). I suppose it just means that I have to go back again and again until I’ve tried everything they have.

Being busy and full, especially at the weekend, is a norm here. Book your table and prepare yourself, it’s a real treat!

Yami-1As soon as you sit down and order you get some banchan (this time some seasoned bean sprouts, seaweed and of course, it wouldn’t be a Korean meal unless you have, kimchi; all good and all free…nice!). These change so don’t expect to get the same thing, aside from the kimchi.Yami-2A gem of a starter, fried chicken in a sweet, sour and spicy sauce (I’m drooling just looking at the photo of the balls of chicken loveliness!).
Yami-7Crispy seafood and vegetable pancake in the foreground, and thin pork strips in fermented bean paste just behind it.Yami-5Stews are another Korean mainstay. Pictured (just behind the kimchi on the right) is a spicy beef rib and cabbage stew, which has a rich broth with fall-off-the-bone soft chunks of beef.Yami-8Steamed egg in a pot (middle), is so simple but tasty. The only dish I found as uninteresting as an encyclopedia on train spotting was the seafood noodle soup (right) which, considering all of the plates of bold flavours on the table, was bland (thanks for ordering that mum).

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