Roti King – Malaysian | London NW1

Roti King, Doric Way, Euston, London NW1 Cuisine: Malaysian/Nyonya

Price: Cheap (approx. £10/person)

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

As soon as I’d heard that there was a decent prata man (dude that makes roti, a kind of flat bread similar to a parotta, I assume “prata” is derived from this) in town, I was on my bike. The only discernible landmark is the Secrets table dancing club (I’ve not been, but I hear good things – don’t quote me though) on the corner. Down that shitty little road next to Euston Station is this horrible looking doorway. There is nothing I can do to make it look any better than it does, but first impressions can be misleading because this place is awesome (Roti King not Secrets, honest)!

I didn’t know it before I went, but I was already a big fan of the Roti King. He and his entourage used to be at Oriental City in Colindale (it even says it on the poster at the bottom of the stairs, which also happens to be the only signage they have at the mo). Then, they fell off the map (apparently relocated to Chinatown).

When I think of a good roti canai (pronounced more like chenae), I’m thinking of its fluffiness and crunch, not to mention the curry it’s served with. I’ve attempted to make this for myself at home, but unfortunately my skills are somewhat lacking (check the King’s skills in the photos). Finding him up and running in a new place is a pretty epic find for me. Aside from the roti canai (comes with a side of either vegetable, mutton, chicken or fish curry), you can also get ones stuffed with all manner of fillings, both sweet and savoury, as well as other regional dishes. Additionally, for these hot summer months (even though it’s been cold and pissy for the past week) they also serve Malaysian deserts like ABC Ice Kacang (this is like a slushy on steroids – believe me, it is refreshing).

Parking around here is a bitch, so it might be best to stick to the public transport. This place is literally across the road from Euston station which makes it a piece of piss to get to. Open Monday to Saturday, noon-3pm and 5-10pm. You can try booking a table by calling them on  020-7387 2518, and check out the Facebook

Please excuse the graininess of the photos, I was having some “too much boozing the night before and couldn’t figure out the camera settings” issues. The Roti King at work 1Here’s the King himself, setting up for a cheese and spinach number. The Roti King at work 2 The Roti King at work 3Check these skills! From a lump of dough to a paper-thin sheet in like three seconds flat. The Roti King at work 4Ta-da… The Roti King at work 5 Roti King staff memberRoti King roti canai and fish curryHere’s the finished article. Two roti and fish curry £5.50…sweet Roti King roti canai and laksaSupplemented the roti with a large bowl of laksa. Chock full of ingredients swimming in a thick, spicy, coconutty broth with plenty of bean-sprouts and noodles.Roti King billCan you spot the dodgy arithmetic here? I didn’t until I was half way home; even though I took this photo it didn’t tweak. I don’t believe this was done on purpose, I just can’t figure out how £23.35 (huh?!? Haha!) was even calculated? No matter; I thoroughly enjoyed the meal nonetheless, so would absolutely recommend Roti King.

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