KOME @ Star of Kings – Asian/American Fusion (Pop-Up) | London

Kome logo

Copyright of Kome. Sourced from komelondon.com

Cuisine: Fusion

Price: Moderate* (see photograph or Kome’s website for menu)

Rating: 2 (out of 5)

As disappointments go, this is my one for the current month (although we still have two weeks left in the month). I caught wind of Kome’s opening residency at the Star of Kings, so had a quick look online for their website and if anyone else had heard of it. Their site looks impressive, and read that Kome was a popular place when in Hoxton. According to their spiel, they bring together Mexican, Korean, Japanese and Peruvian street food fare and put the best on the menu.

Unfortunately, the whole experience let me down massively. In principle, I’m not against fusing different cuisines together, but surely, execution is key. Putting together a mediocre something, with a mediocre something else, does not equate to an inspired or quality plate of food.

I may not be totally clued up on the street food Los Angelinos serve up, but I do watch shows like “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” and “Man vs. Food” so have come to expect a large plate of tasty grub that also represents decent value for money. This place falls short on both counts.

To sum up, Kome serves overpriced mediocre food.  The actual experience might not have been so bad if the dishes weren’t listed at such a rip off prices. This is only my second post, and having to write such a negative review feels pretty nasty on my part. I don’t try to do nasty for nasty’s sake; basically, it felt like Kome was taking the piss asking me to pay that much for the hope of something decent. I don’t know what Kome did in Hoxton to be so popular as I never went, but what they’re doing at the Star of Kings is just an insult to any prospective customers.

Not many photos in this post. I didn’t stick around for too long; I fancied getting something better to eat, so went to the Chicken Shop in Kentish Town instead.


*The price may be moderate, but for what you get, it’s a rip!

The “Antique salad” was a freebie on their open evening. Good thing, if I had paid for this I’d probably not bothered with ordering anything else. Altogether, it was bitter with a few bits of pomegranate and dried cranberries.

Kome 0004

Their signature dish, Bulgogi Fries: chips with a few bits of kimchee, and five measly flecks of beef. Not a freebie so this is what you should actually expect when you order.


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