Hoo Hing Supermarket – Chinese Cafe | London NW10

Hoo Hing Store

Copyright of Hoo Hing Ltd. Sourced from http://www.hoohing.com

Cuisine: Chinese

Pricing: Cheap

Rating: 3 (out of 5)

New blog, first post, I thought I’d try to get two categories in the bag. This place is a Chinese Supermarket with a cafeteria. As I like to do many things backwards, like eat my pudding before my hors d’oeuvre, I’ll tell you my verdict first so you have the opportunity to skip over this post if it doesn’t float your boat.

Located on the first floor, the cafeteria presents a relatively decent meal for very little money. As such, I’ve given it a 3 (go to my “About” page to see what this means). I wouldn’t say that I’d travel just to eat there, but I would pop in if I was in the area and felt a little hungry. Open from 1200hrs to 1600hrs daily it’s perfect for a hangover day when you just can’t be bothered to cook and you also need to buy a massive bag of uncooked prawn crackers. I’m pretty sure that most of the stuff on the menu came out of a packet, a packet that came from the supermarket below, but that’s not a bad thing really. The cafeteria is very rough around the edges; if you don’t expect too much, you might be pleasantly surprised.

With regards to the supermarket, what can I say, it’s an oriental supermarket. The company is also an importer and wholesaler, so quite a few of the items should be competitively priced.

Apologies for the shitty photos, but I was trying to take them on the sly. Like a true hypocrite, I didn’t want to look like one of those twats that takes photos of their food, while taking photos of my food.

On the cafeteria

I think the best word to describe this is, basic. But, basic is good. Basic is filling. I’d have to say that the food at this place was better than many Chinese takeaways I’ve been to, and at the lower price end too.

Hoo-Hing-Cafe-MenuConsidering there are 32 items to choose from, it’s amazing to think that the most expensive ones cost £3.95.

Hoo-Hing-Cafe-1 Simple ordering process; fill in how many portions you want on the piece of paper and hand to the person behind the counter. Pay and wait for your number to come up.

Hoo-Hing-Cafe-3The tables hadn’t been cleared and there was nowhere to put used trays. Not an issue, put the junk on another table. Get some tissues from the counter and give your table a quick once over.

Hoo-Hing-Cafe-5The soup, unsurprisingly, tastes like salty water (and unfortunately looked like a big bowl of piss with some dismembered nut-sacks floating on the surface), but all the dumplings were perfectly acceptable.

Hoo-Hing-Cafe-6Roast duck and pork with rice at the back; duck was on the salty side of okay. Some translucent nut-sacks filed with prawn and chive (middle left), black bean spare ribs (middle right) and deep-fried wonton in the foreground.

Hoo-Hing-Cafe-billGreat value for money!

On the supermarket
Hoo-Hing-Supermarket Hoo-Hing-Supermarket-1 A little drab and depressing but well stocked as you can see (with a variety of live seafood in tanks too). Not much to comment on, it’s an oriental supermarket with all the same shit that they all have. Prices look to be about average.

Address: A406 North Circular Road | Near Hanger Lane | Park Royal | London NW10 7SX

Tel: 020-8838 3388


2 thoughts on “Hoo Hing Supermarket – Chinese Cafe | London NW10

  1. Hah, enjoyed your first review – look forward to reading more. Which do you prefer, Wing Yip or Hoo Hing?

    1. In terms of supermarket, Wing Yip (I assume the one near Brent Cross) is bigger and appears to have a larger selection of goods on their shelves. Also, it is slightly less depressing to shop in.

      With regards to the restaurant, Wing Yip has a true restaurant and cafe attached to it (Wing Tai and the Reindeer Cafe). The quality of the food served at both establishments is superior but around double the price.

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